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Manufacturing company BIT United Ltd. (UK) is a recognized leader and expert in the production of chemical anchor systems. The range of manufactured products includes compounds for fastening large-sized embedded parts, reinforcing walls of various materials, repairing cladding, restoring architectural monuments and various types of fillers for structural wood products. A significant part of the assortment is made up of chemical anchors and compounds for injection of cracks in concrete and masonry made of piece materials.

The modern management system and the latest technologies allow the company to effectively reduce the cost of producing chemical anchors and be a leader in the implementation of the latest scientific and technical developments, which makes it possible to determine prices at the desired competitive level.

The company has earned a high reputation, carrying out complex deliveries of its products to the facilities of the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense, restoration of the Royal Buckingham Palace, reconstruction of the international airport in Zurich, construction and reconstruction of numerous port, tunnel and bridge structures in the European Union, in the Middle and Far East. ...

25 Years of Experince

Manufacturing and logistics

  • The presence of our own production base and research laboratory allows in the shortest possible time to develop new and improve existing chemical compositions for anchor fastenings, taking into account the latest scientific developments, the specific features of the building materials used, as well as individual wishes of customers.

    The production base of the manufacturer of chemical anchors BIT is equipped with the most modern equipment, which ensures the quality of the products that meet European standards.

    Annually the combined plants of the company produce more than 9,000,000 cartridges of chemical anchors of various names. The production complex and warehouse terminal are located in the industrial zone of West Yorkshire (Great Britain), which allows you to quickly solve the set production and logistics tasks (shortest delivery times, flexibility and mobility).

    The production laboratory constantly monitors the quality of products in accordance with the requirements of the Quality Management System.

25 Years of Experince


  • Currently BIT United Ltd. is the only company in INDIA that specializes exclusively in the implementation of chemical anchor systems, which is an undoubted advantage and allows you to solve complex technical problems cost-effectively and in the shortest possible time.

  • Engineering and technical support and advice

    When selecting the type of anchorage, it is carried out by a highly qualified engineering staff of the company. For strength calculations and assessing the bearing capacity of anchors, the company provides comprehensive technical information and specialist assistance.

  • Full-scale tests

    To clarify the bearing capacity of the base material, specialists are sent to the site for full-scale tests with the preparation of a test report and the development of recommendations for practical application.

  • Research programs

    The company BIT United Ltd. carries out close cooperation with the Scientific Research Institute of Building Structure. Joint scientific and technical developments make it possible to determine the most effective methods of using BIT chemical anchors in INDIAN-made building materials.

  • Certificates and regulations

    Product quality and its unique properties are confirmed by numerous European certificates and technical approvals. All products are certified by ETA.

The production base of the manufacturer of chemical anchors BIT is equipped with the most modern equipment that ensures the quality of the products that meets the strict European standards.

The production process, fully automated at all stages, makes it possible to achieve the total productivity of individual lines of more than 100 cartridges per minute.

Each year, the combined factories of the company located in the industrial zone of West Yorkshire (Great Britain) produce more than 9,000,000 cartridges of various names

BIT partners are guaranteed stable conditions of cooperation, optimal pricing policy, flexible payment terms. The presence of a large warehouse and delivery service allows us to provide customers with products as soon as possible.

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