Electric wall cutter CDW-401AE Pro


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Quick overview

Electric wall cutter CDW-401AE Pro
¦ Super powerful electric wall cutter !!
¦ Equipped with super strong motor Rated output 2300W 230V specification
¦ Water seal can be replaced without disassembling the gearbox
¦ Geared motor and base can be separated
¦ The wall cutter can be attached and detached from anywhere on the track rail.
¦ The feed part can be attached to either the left or right side.
¦ Uses a one-touch plug system with excellent strength and waterproofness for connecting operation cords
¦ Increased track rail plate thickness and increased strength
¦ The front of the blade cover can be separated
¦ Can be cut with a 40 "blade by step cutting
¦ Automatic feed disconnection possible
¦ Achieves high cutting performance by developing a dedicated blade
Specification table
Model name CDW-401AE Pro
Power supply Single-phase 230V 50 / 60Hz
Rated current 15A
Rated output 2,300W
No-load rotation speed HI 780min -1
LOW 320min -1
Standard blade nominal diameter 30 "(782mm)
Maximum blade nominal diameter 40 " (1,036mm) in step cutting
Blade hole diameter 35mm
Maximum depth of cut 30 "(782mm) 311mm
40 " (1,036mm) 438mm
Dimensions W × L × H 484 x 453 x 753 mm
mass 35.8kg
Standard accessories Tool Box
Single-ended Spanner 24mm
Ratchet Wrench 14 × 17mm
Hex Wrench 5mm 6mm
Chili Blown
Hex Bolt W3 / 8 × 38mm (8) W3 / 8 × 50mm (8)
Square Washer W3 / 8 × 50 × 30 × t6 (8)
Flat Washer W3 / 8 (8)
Speeder 204
Extension Bar 307
Universal Joint 208
Socket 3D-13
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