Hydraulic Unit E-1124Ax


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Quick overview

Hydraulic Unit E-1124Ax
11kW low cost and easy maintenance model
Accurate discharge amount can be set by labeled
"Discharge amount and scale table"
The pressure adjustment knob is equipped front
side so that pressure adjustment is easy
"Reversal prevention relay" is built in the power
supply box so that reversal of the electric motor
doesn’t happen due to the wrong wiring
The hour meter shows the time to do maintenance
5/8" hydraulic hose 20m (Low pressure drop type) is
standard accessory
The machine is not certificated CE marking
Compact Hydraulic Wire Saw DSM series
Hydraulic Core Drill SPU series
Hydraulic Wall Cutter CHW series
Model Name E-1124Ax
Power supply 3-phase 400V 50/60Hz
Commercial power source over 25A
Electric Motor 3-phase induction motor
Water-cooled 11kw 4P
Type Variable capacity piston pump
Rated pressure 21MPa
The range of adjusting
discharge amount
50Hz 23.0~42.2 litter/min
60Hz 27.7~50.7 litter/min
Coupling Out NITTO KOHKI Flat Face Cupla 1/2" Plug
In NITTO KOHKI Flat Face Cupla 1/2" Socket
Oil Tank Capacity 57ℓ
Size W×L×H 670×1,090×874mm
Weight (Excluded Code) 340kg
Standard Accessories Hydraulic Hose 5/8" Assy.
FF Plug and Socket 20m (2)
Single-ended Spanner 13mm (1)
Instruction Manual (1)
Hex. Bar wrench 2mm(1)
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